Medication Refills

If you are out of medicine, it is crucial that you call. *Please do not wait until you are out of medication to call*  Some people will become ill, even after missing only one dose of their medicine. The more doses one misses, the greater likelihood of relapse and/or withdrawal symptoms.

 Medications should NEVER be abruptly discontinued, nor should you make a change in your meds without first consulting with Dr. Hines.

Please keep track of and pay attention to your medication. Usually you will be prescribed enough to last until your next office visit. If for some reason your appointment is changed, and you do need medication before your next office visit, if possible, please call during office hours, or at least during the normal work week. Please call a day or two before you think you will run out. Remember that pharmacies are often busy, and there may be a wait to receive your prescription, sometimes up to 24 hours or more.

You may leave a message on the office voice mail if the office is closed, and your refill will be called in, if appropriate. This is usually within 24 hours on weekdays, but may be up to 48 hours if you call on the weekend or on a holiday.

Please understand that if you routinely miss your scheduled appointments, Dr. Hines is unable to call in refills without seeing and evaluating you.

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