Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Hines Curriculum Vitae

Christa Louise Hines, M.D.

7234 Gayola Place

St. Louis, MO 63143, USA

Telephone: 314-781-3500

Facsimile: 314-647-2760

Email address:

Web Site:

  (Revised 12/2013)


Licensed to Practice Medicine in the State of Missouri since 8/18/84 (MO36612)

American Board Certified of Adult Psychiatry and Neurology.

Passed Part One of Boards again this year and am scheduled to take orals (Part II) in April, 2013



"ITIC" (I Think I Can):  Psychiatric assessments and treatment for students with learning difficulties.  Belleville, IL.  2/13 - Present

Private Practice in Neuropsychiatry.  1988 - Present.

Part-time volunteer clinical faculty, St. Louis University.

Locum Tenums assignments.




Born in Chatereaux, France

US Citizen



Oslo American School, Oslo, Norway 1971-1972

Marymount International, Rome, Italy 1972-1973

Maria Ward Gymnasium, Munich, Germany, 1973-1974

West Lafayette H.S., West Lafayette, Indiana,1974-1975

National Merit Semifinalist

Class rank: fourth, class of 150



Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana B.S.

Major: Biology, Minor: German, 8/75 -5/78

Phi Beta Kappa

Graduated with highest honors in three years

"Purdue 500" (top 500 students at Purdue)



Washington University School of Medicine,

St. Louis, Missouri M.D. 11/82

Class Rank: top 50 percent with honors in OB-GYN and Psychiatry



St. Louis University School of Medicine

Dept. of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

St. Louis, Missouri

Residency training in Psychiatry, 7/83 - 8/87

Board Eligible in Psychiatry since 8/87



Summer Camp Counselor, Girl Scouts, 1975

House Cleaning Business (West Lafayette, Indiana)

Grocery bagger, newspaper route, childcare (Oslo, Norway)



Teaching Assistant, Chemistry Resource Room, Purdue University, 1976, 1977

Lab Technician (student work study program) in Genetics Research (Drosophilae eye pigment and visually evoked potentials) , Purdue University, 1976

National Science Foundation, Student Originated Studies Research Project: "Applications of Geophysics to Archeology" (Use of seismic techniques to non-invasively locate buried artifacts ins an “Indian Mound” site) 1977



OB-GYN Extern, St. Luke's West, St. Louis, Missouri,

part time, 1981/82, full time 1982/83

(Job duties involved performing histories and physical exams on inpatients, scrubbing in to assist with deliveries and C- sections, and coverage of inpatient OB-GYN ward problems with resident and attending back-up)



Psychiatric House Officer (evening and weekends),

Jefferson Barracks V.A. Hospital

St. Louis, Missouri, 1985, 1986

(Job responsibilities included Emergency Room coverage, coverage for in-patient psychiatric wards, and consultation for medical wards)



12/2010 - 11/2013 - Staff Ps
ychiatrist, Jefferson Barracks VA Medical Center

Job involved covering veteran psychiatric acute inpatients medical problems when covering pm shift.  This job was fast paced, but very rewarding.  Electronic medical records were used.

10/2003 - 8/2010 - Staff Psychiatrist, Southeast Missouri Mental Health Center, Farmington MO

Job duties were primarily in the emergency room evaluating, triaging, and providing emergency care and / or admitting patients to hospital.  Additional duties involved helping out on the wards when needed.  Duties included evaluation of patients, giving second opinions, attending to emergencies, covering "on call" duties on a regular basis.  This job was 20 hours / week.  This was a state hospital under Missouri's Dept. of Mental Health.  The client population was composed of acutely ill patients, many of whom were indigent and some with insurance.  There were also chronic patients with acute exacerbations.  

Due to budget cuts, the emergency room and acute wards were closed on August 15, 2010 and the job ended.

7/1998 - present - Private practice in General Adult Psychiatry, St. Louis, MO

The practice is in general outpatient neuropsychiatry with a special emphasis on Women’s Health Issues,  prevention, and a biopsycho-social approach. Community education about neuropsychiatric disorders has also been a focus.

1987-present - Part time volunteer faculty, Clinical Instructor

Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

St. Louis University School of Medicine

St. Louis, Missouri

Medical Student Preceptor, St. Louis University


Locum Tenums Assignments 

Jobs with Weatherby and Staffcare:

Hannibal General Hospital, Hannibal, MO -- Covered 17 bed inpatient psychiatry ward in a general hospital, and also performed psychiatric consultations on patients in the general medical and surgical wards for a week so regular psychiatrist hospitalist could take come vacation.

Piney Ridge, Waynesville, MO -- Assisted covering a Residential Treatment Program for children and adolescents while they were searching for a replacement full time child psychiatrist.  Covered inpatients several days per week for four months.  11 - 2003 through 2 - 2004.

Was offered full time positions at both jobs, and asked to come back again for temporary coverage.  Excellent feedback given, re - quality of work.


3/90-3/93 - Medical Director, Women's Services

Department of Psychiatric and Chemical Dependency

St. Mary's Health Center

1027 Bellevue Avenue

St. Louis, Missouri

This job involved developing and maintaining an outpatient and inpatient psychiatric service dedicated to issues important to women and their families. “Mind Works” was developed to evaluate and treat women with specific emotional problems and disorders unique to women. These were primarily neuropsychiatric disorders related to reproductive events. Specifically, disorders occurring during pregnancy and the postpartum period, disorders occurring or worsening premenstrually and or perimenopausally were addressed. Neuropsychiatric aspects of infertility, endometriosis and other gynecological disorders were treated. Neuropsychiatric disorders temporally associated with breast cancer were also part of the focus.


A “Mother-Baby Unit”, a four bed special area of the inpatient “Sress Unit” with cribs, and evaluations by postpartum nurses and lactation consultants was developed. The goal of the inpatient Mother-Baby Unit was to allow, when appropriate, hospitalized mothers of young infants to retain some contact with their infants during psychiatric hospitalization.

St. Mary’s Health Center hosted the 1990 annual conference of “Postpartum Support International”.

Multiple presentations to the media were made to educate the community of St. Louis as to the existence of postpartum psychiatric disorders.


Am I at Risk for Postpartum Depression?” (copyright 1989, Hines, Sanford and Edmunds) a self administrated questionnaire was published by "St. Mary’s Women’s Well” and distributed to St. Mary’s Health Center Lamaze classes to attempt to identify women at high risk for postpartum depression.

St. Mary's Health Center, Kohler Lecture Committee, 1990 Arranged for Barbara Parry, MD of University of California, San Diego, School of Medicine to lecture on “Premenstrual Disorders and Circadian Rhythms” for the annual St. Mary’s Koehler Lecture.

St. Mary's Health Center. Discovery Day to launch new program, "Women's Psychiatric Services" 11/3/90

Research Chairperson, Postpartum Support International, 6/91-6/92


11/1989 - Co-Founder, Gateway Postpartum Research Collective

This group was found to disseminate information about postpartum neuropsychiatric disorders. It published the following patient questionnaires:


"Postpartum Symptom Checklist" Copyright Hines,1987, Gateway Postpartum Research Collective, St. Louis

"The New Mother History" Copyright Hines,1988, Gateway Postpartum Research Collective, St. Louis

"Am I at Risk for Postpartum Depression?" Copyright Hines, Edmunds, Sanford ,1989 ,The Women’s Well, St. Mary's Health Center 9/87- 6/88

Mental Health Group of St. Louis, Inc.

Job responsibilities were those of a psychiatrist in a group practice of psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers and nurses. Duties were to provide inpatient and outpatient general and geriatric psychiatric services. The multidisciplinary nature of the group allowed considerable experience working with non-physician mental health care providers. The referral base for this practice was from internists in private practice.



Medical Explorer Post, President, 1975, 1976

St. Thomas Aquinas Center, 1975 -1978

Tippecanoe County Historical Society, 1977, 1978

People's Clinic, 1978 (volunteer on “Women's Night”)

American Medical Women's Association

Operation Rescue

Physicians for Social Responsibility

Homeless Veterans Outreach



La Leche League member 1988

National Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Association

Manic Depression Association of St. Louis

Medical Advisor to Postpartum Depression Support Group, St. Mary's Health Center, 9/88

St. Mary's Health Center Mother-Baby Unit, Initial Steering Committee meeting, 10/88

St. Mary's Health Center, meeting for proposed Women's Disorders Unit, 12/13/88

St. Mary's Health Center hosted 4th Annual Postpartum Support International Conference, "Postpartum Depression,"6/22/90 - 6/24/90

St. Mary's Health Center, “For Those At Home”, Gulf War Support Group, 8/30/90, facilitator for weekly meetings for individuals whose loved ones were in service abroad.  A television interview was given on "Post Traumatic Stress Disorder" for this group.


Grand Rounds Given:

St. Louis University OB/GYN Grand Rounds,

"Psychiatric Illness in the Postpartum Period," 11/03/88

St. Mary's Health Center Psychiatric Grand Rounds,

"Postpartum Psychiatric Illness",11/7/89

St. Louis University Psychiatric Grand Rounds, "Postpartum Psychiatric Illness," 10/3/89

Washington University School of Medicine, OB-GYN Grand Rounds,

"Postpartum Psychiatric Illness," 3/27/91



Teaching experience:

Didactic presentation to Second year Psychiatry Residents on Postpartum Neuropsychiatric Disorders for Psychopharmacology Course Lectures on anxiety disorders to St. Louis University physician assistant students.

OB Nursing Inservice: "Postpartum Psychiatric Illness," St. Mary's Health Center, 5/88

St. Mary's Health Center, New Mother Support Group, In service for Facilitators, "Dealing with Psychiatric Emergencies in Group Members," 8/88

Clinical Supervision of Allied Mental Health Professionals since 9-87


Community Educational Presentations Given:

Optimist's Club "Winter Holiday Depression." 12/87

Working Women's Survival Show Workshop: "Parenting After Thirty," 3/88

St. Mary's Health Center Maternity Care Center Open House:

"Psychiatric Aspects of Parenting After Thirty," 3/88

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: "Open Mind" column response to question regarding adoption, 6/4/88

St. Mary's Health Center, New Mother Support Group "Postpartum Depression , " 7/88

Mental Health Association, "Career and Family," 9/88

Kick-Off for first postpartum depression support group in St. Louis, Missouri

St. Mary's Health Center Discovery Day, The Women's Well of St. Mary's Health Center, "Baby Blues and Beyond: Postpartum Psychiatric Illness," 9/24/88

St. Louis Mental Health Association. Mental Health Awareness Week, "Women in Transition," 9/30/88

St. Mary's Health Center Discovery Day, "Men in Midlife."11/05/88

St. Anthony's Health Center, "Postpartum Depression,1/1/89

Working Women's Survival Show, "Postpartum Depression," 2/4/89

Adjustment After Delivery, Professional Postpartum Depression Seminar, "Postpartum Depression" Kansas City, Missouri, 10/11/90

ASPO Gateway Lamaze Chapter, "Postpartum Depression," 9/27/89

American Psychological Association, "Postpartum Depression," 1/12/90

Forrest General Hospital, Hattiesburg, Mississippi, "Postpartum Depression," lay lecture and professional lecture on facilitation of inpatient mother-baby unit and consultation with Forrest General Hospital regarding program development for PMS outpatient services, 2/15/90 - 2/16/90


Media Experience:

KXOK Radio "Postpartum Depression," 9/19/88

KMOX Radio, "Postpartum Depression," 9/20/88

Channel 4, Al Wyman 5:00 Evening News, "Postpartum Depression," 9/23/88

Channel 2, Lisa Allen 5:00 Evening News, "Postpartum Depression," 9/23/88

Channel 5, Morning Show, "Postpartum Depression," 10/3/88

Channel 5, Kay Quinn, 5:OO Evening News, "Love Triangles," 7/6/89

Channel 5, Kay Quinn, 5:00 Evening News, "Postpartum Depression," 10/6/89

KDHX Radio, Psychological Talk, "Postpartum Depression, Ron Scott, PhD 5/22/90

Channel 5, Evening News, "For Those At Home, Gulf War Support Group" education on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder signs in returning servicemen and women 11/16/90

Panel Discussion with Dr. Lester Grinspoon of Harvard University School of Medicine on impact of illegality and unavailability of medicinal use of cannabis for severely ill patients. National NORML convention, Washington DC 2/2000 on C-SPAN

Lectures, radio and TV presentations on use of “Marinol” for label and off label medical conditions (ie glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, post-polio syndrome, AIDS, Tourette’s Syndrome, Bipolar disorder and others) in St. Louis and Columbia, Missouri



Multimedia Experience

Presentation on Neuropsychiatric aspects of HIV and AIDS, “How HIV affects the Brain” for VOICES, a multimedia presentation for high school students focusing on consequences of HIV infection. VOICES is used in St. Louis schools for HIV infection prevention in teens. 2000


Better Business Bureau of Greater St. Louis 

Maplewood, MO  Chamber of Commerce Member

Medical Advisor to Greater St. Louis NORML chapter, 2000 to current

Richmond Heights Gardening Club



“Who’s Who” in Rising Young Professionals 1992

“Who’s Who in Executives and Professionals 2002-2003

"Depression after delivery"  Doctor of the year

Premiere "Who's Who Registry of Outstanding Professionals" 2008 - 2009


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