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"Board Certified in Psychiatry by the ABPN"

  Dr. Hines Practice Philosophy

Dr. Hines is a medical physician with a private practice specializing in Neuropsychiatry. She is Board Eligible in Psychiatry and makes it a priority to establish a personal relationship with her patients. Her goal is to help you achieve optimal health by evaluation, treatment, education and prevention. If you have questions about any aspect of the practice Dr. Hines is happy to discuss those with you. Many improvements in the practice are a direct result of client feedback and input Dr. Hines hopes you find your visit(s) pleasant and productive.

Dr Hines specializes in dealing with individuals who have Neuropsychiatric disorders. These are disorders of the brain, which may be hereditary, stress related, and /or complicating other medical, neurologic or obstetric disorders. Dr. Hines has specialized in Women's Reproductive related disorders, anxiety and mood disorders. Her approach is biopsychosocial with emphasis on education and prevention, in addition to diagnosis and treatment.


There are two situations where Dr. Hines is obligated to break confidentiality. If you are in danger of seriously harming yourself, or putting yourself in a situation where you may be seriously harmed, or when you are in danger of harming someone else, it is the psychiatrist's responsibility to do all possible to prevent this from happening.

This includes contacting your spouse, significant other, family, your therapist or other physician, and occasionally calling 911. Dr. Hines tries to avoid this if at all possible. When it is necessary, she will let you know in advance, unless this will increase the likelihood of harm.

Dr. Hines attempts to use all discretion possible, and it is rarely necessary. If you are confused and in danger of harm, or of harming others, in the opinion of Dr. Hines, she will do what she believes is necessary to prevent this harm.

It is Dr. Hines' preference to err in the direction of over-reacting, rather than to lose one of her patients to suicide, or allow them to engage in actions with deadly consequences.

Legally Dr. Hines may also be required to release information pertinent to child custody decisions.

Most people with health insurance have signed a waiver of confidentiality when they obtained the insurance. Insurance companies will often use this waiver to try to obtain a full copy of your chart. Dr. Hines policy on this is to contact you first before releasing any information, even though you may have signed the release. Often people do not remember that they have signed such a release.


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